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How To Get the Most Out of Bluelight

Firstly, welcome to Bluelight! The best advice we can offer you is to place yourself in the context of the day-to-day workings of Bluelight (BL) and "lurk" around for awhile in order to read users' posts and to get a feel for the appropriate style of conversation.

Generally, we have found BL as a whole to be populated by polite, respectful posters. Some forums are more accommodating to beginners. Examples of this include Basic Drug Discussion and certain regional Drug Discussion forums where simple or perhaps naïve questions are welcomed, and 'netiquette' slip-ups are forgiven with a gentle reminder to assist you to use BL more effectively in the future.

In general, there's very little 'flaming' (i.e. harsh words, name-calling, personal insults) on these forums. If it does occur, it usually happens only with good reasons, e.g. when someone expresses a particularly bad attitude or misrepresents false information as fact. Hints such as "Please use the search function" or similar constructive criticisms may be offered, though.

There are other forums at BL that you may find more suitable when you are better versed in the facts surrounding the drugs you're interested in, and wish to learn advanced information, or discuss more exotic drugs. You can use BL all you like to gain information about drugs, drug culture and drug health issues. There are also plenty of 'social' forums too for non-drug talk. Some of these, especially the Lounge, may contain off-topic or jokey posting that may seem offensive. Often, this is meant tongue-in-cheek. You might be best to lurk in these forums before jumping in and posting in order to gain a feel for their dynamics.

We recommend that when presenting factual information, authoritative references should also be provided, where possible, or at least any reference to allow other readers to verify the information. Some sources are more authoritative than others, so always question what you read. Never, ever take anything at face value on the Internet, as you can never be sure who wrote it and whether they know what they're talking about.

By continually asking yourself "Does this make sense?" you get into the habit of verifying all your facts. This ties in nicely with the referencing idea above, because when you say "I'm not sure if I agree with that," or "Whaaat? Nobody ever told me that," you can look up the references for yourself. Educating yourself using these resources is something that can be enormously fun and rewarding.

The archives are a great place to search for your answers. BL has been online and going strongly in various forms since late 1999, and the forum archives represent either entire forum-backups (from drug discussion forums), or a selection of specially archived 'classic' posts in other cases. The archives for each forum are found from a link at top of the forum, or from the forums drop-down menu. Erowid is also a great place to learn more than you wanted to know about all the drugs.

Wise users spend many hours reading and re-reading the facts, FAQs and experience reports for certain drugs PRIOR to using them in order to ensure safer dose limits, possible side-effects, durations, danger signs and warnings. It may seem a little over-the-top, but we believe that BL provides the opportunity to minimise the risks of drugs BEFORE they become a problem.

Enjoy your time at Bluelight, and remember: There aren't any stupid questions...just make sure you use the search engine first.

Quick Facts About Bluelight

Where does Bluelight "exist" in the real world?

The server is in the Netherlands.

How long has Bluelight been around?

This message board has operated continuously since October 1999.

How is Bluelight funded?

Bluelight is entirely funded by donations. If you would like to help, please read more here - Donations Page.

What Do the Different User Titles Mean?

For more information on what the title under each username means, see this article: Bluelight User Titles.

Personal Messages, Signatures and Avatars

Personal messages

If you want to contact a particular poster, simply send them a Private Message (PM). The maximum size is 10000 characters. If you write too much, you will get a warning to reduce the size of your message. Everyone is allowed to keep 100 PMs at a time. If you go over 100 PMs, you will not receive new messages and will need to delete some old messages to free up some space. You can save your old messages by checking off the boxes and then clicking the Selected Messages drop-down menu and selecting Download...

You may get warnings that your message box is full, even though you may only see a few PMs in there. The PM count also includes all copies of PMs in your "SENT" folder, so you may need to clear those out. Also, if you have someone set to "ignore" but they've sent you PMs, you won't see the message but it will be there taking up space. You may need to take the person off of "ignore" in order to see the messages and delete them, then you can put them back on "ignore".

Note: Only once you achive Bluelighter status can you send Private Messages freely to other Bluelighters. Greenlighters are limited to one PM every 180 minutes. The exception is that anyone can send a PM to a staff member, even if the sender is a Greenlighter.


Signatures are disabled for Bluelighters. You can't use 'em. This is because we prefer the clean, uncluttered look of Bluelight to forums where signatures take up more than half of a thread. We enabled signatures for all Bluelight staff in February 2009. Staff are only allowed to use signatures for Bluelight-related purposes, such as advertising their forum guidelines or important threads. You can choose not to view these through the User Control Panel (UserCP).


Avatars are the pictures that appear under your name. The maximum size is 50x50 pixels with a maximum size of 10 kB. To add an avatar to your account, click on the UserCP link at the top of the page and then click on Edit Avatar. On that page, select the Yes button, and either enter in the URL for the pic you want to use, or browse through your hard drive and upload the one you want to use. Save your changes and your avatar should now be in place. You can choose not to view these through the UserCP.

How do I resize a picture to use as my avatar?

Avatars need to be no larger than 50x50 pixels with a maximum size of 10 kB. If your image is larger, you will need to resize it. Try these tools:

You can reduce the number of pixels to change the image's dimensions or decrease the resolution to make the file smaller.

A Brief Guide to Personal Security

Question: Can't the government raid the site and make arrests on anyone who posted that they have done/sold drugs? Would it be dangerous for me to post anything incriminating?

Answer: You can be arrested for past drug sales. That being said, they'd still have one hell of a time trying to get posts into evidence, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't watch you if you foolishly posted something about drug sales.

Please keep in mind that Bluelight is monitored by the police, media, government agencies, etc. Although there is no need to be constantly paranoid, you should always be careful of what you say, and always use common sense when posting. This means that you should absolutely not trust anyone, even moderators or administrators when you meet them just because they are a bluelighter mod/admin. I am constantly surprised about how much people are willing to disclose about themselves. When interacting on Bluelight, using common sense is always strongly urged. Here are some common sense points to remember!

  • Do not buy drugs or sell drugs through Bluelight.
  • Do not ask for or provide drug sources or hookups.
  • Do not mention specific times or places where you plan to meet other Bluelighters. There is much less danger in talking about something after it has happened than when it is still being planned.
  • If you have a picture on here and announce that you will be at a particular event, understand that it won't take much effort for people to find you in a crowd.
  • Do not publicly announce which drugs you plan to bring to an event or a party. Never talk about what you are going to be consuming at a party; this gives probable cause for the party to be raided/shut down.
  • Do not post about any serious crimes you may have committed in the past.
  • Do not post about any serious crimes you may be committing in the future.
  • Do not reveal incriminating information about yourself to random strangers in a chat room.
  • Keep in mind that just like in real life, there are lots of freaks and weirdos on the internet who might be crazy or have bad intentions.
  • Protect your identity by creating a "drug-related" email address where you don't use your real name and location. Use this anonymous webmail account for all Bluelight-related contacts.
  • If you give out AIM/ICQ or homepage information, keep in mind to make your profiles and contact information as anonymous as your Bluelight identity. Remember when using Bluelight that this is a drug-related message board which deals with activities that are illegal. You'd think that was pretty obvious, but some people don't seem to be phased by that fact.
  • Please always be careful of what you put into your user profile. A lot of information can be obtained by simply searching for information based off of these. Adding a link in your profile to your personal website can also be an easy way for people to get information about you such as: your full name, address, phone number, or date of birth.
  • Do not incriminate yourself!
  • Be educated about the law. Drugs are illegal. The laws, policies, and punishments regarding these drugs vary from country to country, and being familiar with what is going on with law enforcement in your area is always a good idea!

Your security is through obscurity, not based on any technical precautions you take. If they want to get to you, they can. They just don’t want to get everyone that rolls at a rave. Of course, if you say something really dumb it might give them more reason to look for you.

And also keep in mind that Bluelighters have been raided in the past on several different continents. It has remained unclear whether or not this is because of Bluelight, but it is always good to remember that posting something foolish could give the authorities the deciding information to raid and arrest you.

Think before you post. Think of yourself, your friends, and your future. It is far better to err on the side of caution than to regret an arrogant/silly comment in the near future!

Note that Bluelight is currently available only over a regular (i.e. non-secure) HTTP connection. There's some background reading on HTTP vs. HTTPS here: Question: HTTP and HTTPS - What is the difference?. You need to decide for yourself whether that's a factor for your own security.

Bluelight is not here to help you obtain drugs. The administrators of Bluelight take drug dealing very seriously, if we have evidence that you are using Bluelight in this manner you will be banned. Individuals who create accounts to ask for drugs will be banned without hesitation. If people are using Bluelight in this way, it brings the attention of law enforcement/government and becomes a liability to the entire site.

Note that Bluelight staff will strictly enforce rules against buying/selling drugs, and will also try to delete your posts if they might incriminate you. We don't guarantee to do this, but we will try to do so for your own protection. You do not need to incriminate yourself in order to discuss drugs.

Solutions to Common Technical Problems

See our awesome and edgy Support FAQ.

  • Can't post?

It's probably that you haven't activated your account. After registration, you should receive an email with an activation link, that you need to click on. If you haven't done this, your account has not been activated. If you are using Yahoo! or AOL for your email, it's likely that our activation email was sent to your spam/trash folder, so please check there. If you can't find it, you can request a new one by clicking on the log-in link, then requesting a new activation email.

  • Lost your password?

Please visit our lost password page.

  • Keep getting logged out?

Make sure you have the checkbox "Remember Me" ticked when you log in.

How to Make Comments, Suggestions and Complaints

I have a suggestion for how to improve Bluelight. How do I share my idea?

Please make a new thread in the Support forum and explain what you had in mind. If it's a good idea and it can be done with available resources, then it might happen.

What if I come across a thread that I think violates the Bluelight User Agreement or breaks the forum guidelines?

Click on the Report button on the post in question. Describe the situation on the next screen and hit submit. This will send a notice to the moderators and senior staff making them aware of the situation.

What if I receive a private message from another poster that is soliciting me to buy or sell drugs?

This is a very serious violation of the Bluelight User Agreement. Please forward the message to an administrator so they can fix this problem.

Why was my post closed or moved? Why was I warned or infracted? I don't understand what I did wrong.

There was almost certainly a good reason for this to happen, even if you aren't aware of it. But sometimes moderators might make mistakes, too. Often things aren't cut and dried, and a decision could easily go either way. If you think we've made a wrong decision, here's what to do:

  • The post will state which moderator closed it. Send them a PM to ask why it was closed.
  • Be polite. There is no need to be overly angry or belligerent – this will only make things worse.
  • Clearly indicate your question or problem. If you just want an explanation, ask for one. If you disagree with their stated reason for their actions, say why you disagree. Don’t leave them guessing.
  • Include a link to the thread in question. This makes it easier for them to know what you are talking about, rather than having to dig.
  • Be patient. Moderators have lives, too.
  • Please remember that it is not uncommon for a poster's polite inquiry or request for clarifcation to result in a thread being re-opened or a decision reversed.

What if I do not receive a response from the moderators?

Please wait at least 24 hours. If you do not receive a response, contact another forum mod, or the forum senior mod. Explain the original situation and state how much time has passed.

What if my problem is with the moderators? Who do I contact?

Please make a reasonable attempt to resolve the issue with the moderator(s) in question privately. If that fails, contact the forum senior mod or administrator and explain the situation. When you do so, remember the following:

  • Once again, be polite and patient.
  • Include any communication you have had with the moderator(s) in question.
  • Clearly indicate the problem and include links to illustrate what you are talking about.

If, at any point, you feel unsatisfied with this process or you would simply prefer to air your issue in public, you should start a thread in the Support forum and we'll address the issue there. As with participation in any forum, please ensure your post is civil. If you have received a ban and wish to discuss or make a case for having it overturned, under no circumstances should you create an alt account to communicate with the staff. In that case, send an email to [email protected] Alternately, post a message in the Anonymous Posting forum and request that it be moved to Support. Again, you are urged to be civil in your communication.

Bluelight gives a lot of power to the moderators to manage the day-to-day operation of the forums. Making a difficult judgment call or committing a simple human error does not mean a moderator was derelict in their duty. Please note that the complaints procedure stops with the site ownership. If you are still unsatisfied, just laugh and remind yourself that Bluelight is only a message board.

How Do I Become a Moderator?

To become a moderator, you would have to show an interest in a certain forum. This can be done by posting intelligent replies and helping people where they need guidance.

How will the moderators know I am doing this?

Hopefully the moderators will keep an eye out and will probably recognise when someone is making good posts and helping others in a forum.

How do I apply?

In most forums when a position is open there will be a post in that forum asking for applicants and a cut off date for applications will be given.

How do they judge these applications?

The current moderators of that forum will read through the applicants and search all of their posts in that forum. This is why making good quality replies and starting good discussions in a forum is useful. You can only really be judged on your previous posts and general behaviour around the website. It is expected that people applying for moderator positions will have been around for a few months as this should mean you have a better idea of how things work. Individual forms may have different application processes; for example some might ask various questions of applicants.

Can I just help out in forums anyway?

Yes! Any user is actively encouraged to help moderators out by providing useful information for people who require it and pointing people in the right direction. This is one of the things that makes Bluelight unique as a community - People are always willing to help others and share information.

How to Post Pictures on Bluelight

How do I insert an image into a post?

Copy the URL of the image in question, then click on the little icon that looks like a tree (Insert Image), paste the URL into the popup window that opens, then hit enter. Try previewing your post to see if it works before you submit it.

Since the most recent upgrade, many people have reported problems using the image icon. If you are having problems with it as well, then you are going to have to manually post the image url in between URL tags. It should be done as follows; [URL]insert image URL[/URL] Make sure not to have any spaces between the URL and the tags, and also make sure to put the front slash in the closing tag.

How do I user the gallery to insert an image into a post?

Bluelight no longer hosts a picture gallery.

How to Deal With Annoying People

Help! Someone is doing something that really aggravates me! Can you make them stop?

Are they breaking the Bluelight User Agreement or certain forum guidelines? If so, use the "Report" button and bring it to the attention of the moderators. If they are not breaking any rules, it is just a personal issue and you should consider putting them on "ignore". That way you won't have to deal with them again.

How do I put someone on ignore?

  • Find a post they made or a message they sent you and click on their name.
  • Click on View Public Profile
  • Click on 'Add [name] to your ignore list'
  • Now you will not see their posts or be able to receive PMs from them. Basically you can forget that the aggravating person even exists.

So next time you are irritated by a person's posts, their avatar, their signature tag or even their username: Simply put them on ignore. It does wonders at preventing aggravation.

Some random stranger is sending me weird PMs. Help, I think they are stalking me!

If the person is obviously trying to conduct a drug transaction, report it immediately to the administrators. If a stranger is trying to be "too friendly" and is just giving you "odd vibes", do not assume they are trying to buy or sell drugs. Perhaps they are just trying to make a new friend or ask you for dating. You can just delete these random messages. If someone is trying to contact you multiple times, simply put them on ignore and you will not receive any more of their messages. You cannot complain to the administrators that someone is "stalking you" if you continue to willingly open their messages...especially if you continue to send them replies!

But you don't understand! I have been here since 2001 but my former deadbeat roommate or my crazy ex-boyfriend just registered last week. I think that person has no business being here and Bluelight should keep these people away from me.

If these people are following the basic rules, they have just as much right to be here as you do. Bluelight is a public message board and anyone with a valid email address can become a member in two minutes. The administrators cannot mediate disagreements between random people and will not deal with situations that arise outside of this message board. We can only concern ourselves with what actually happens on Bluelight.

Common Forum Abbreviations and Terminology

"A Guide To Bluelight Acronyms"

See also Urban Dictionary.


AFAIK - As far as I know

ASAP - As soon as possible

ATM - At the moment

A/S/L - Age, sex, location

BL - Bluelight

BTW - By the way

DOC - Drug of choice

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FOAF - Friend of a friend (use of this term is discouraged on BL; see SWIM)

FTW - For the win

FWIW - For what its worth

GTFO - Get the fuck out

IIRC - if I recall correctly

IME - In my experience

IMO - In my opinion

IMHO - In my honest opinion

ITT - In this thread

IMHO - in my honest/humble opinion

LMAO - Laughing my ass off

LOL - Laughing out loud OR lots of love

OP - Original Poster

PLUR - Peace, love, unity, respect

QFT - Quoted for truth

RFD - Request for discussion

ROA - Route of administration (Refers to the method used to ingest a drug, such as smoking or ingesting orally)

ROTFLMAO - Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

RTG - Read the guidelines

SLR - Bluelight forum Sex, Love and Relationships

S/O - Significant other (boyfriend, girlfriend)

STFU - Shut the fuck up

SWIM - Someone who isn't me (Use of this term is discouraged on BL; it is used on some forums in an attempt to avoid incriminating oneself, e.g. "SWIM is considering manufacturing meth, what does SWIM need to know?". There is no evidence that this provides any protection from legal repercussions, and it makes your posts hard to follow. Also, many people switch between "SWIM" and "I" in the same post. Finally, you shouldn't be incriminating yourself (drug synthesis, dealing, etc) on Bluelight anyway)

TBH - To be honest

TDS - Bluelight forum The Dark Side

TLB - Bluelight administrator TheLoveBandit (many usernames become abbreviated in discussions; this one is known for frequently leaving tl;dr posts in his wake).

tl;dr - Too long; didn't read.

Troll - A non-person who spends their energy disrupting the normal flow of the Bluelight community (Technically not an abbreviation, but still good to know.)

TTYS - "Talk to yourself". A long-standing lounge thread for general banter.

UTSE - Use the search engine

WTF? - What the fuck?

YMMV - Your mileage may vary

Bluelight Etiquette

The following actions are considered to be breaches of etiquette on BL, and may result in an infraction.

  • Using a huge font to call attention to oneself.
  • Starting a new thread without searching for a similar one first.
  • Not breaking up long strings of text into paragraphs.
  • Not attributing quoted text to its rightful creator - PLAGIARISM
  • Not providing a link to interesting quoted text
  • PoStiNg iN aLTeRNaTiNG CaPS - this is quite hard on the eyes and tends to elicit a lot of flaming.
  • Making multiple posts in a row in the same thread, also called "double/triple/quadruple/whatever posting" - That edit button isn't just there to look pretty.

Above all, remember that this site is here to educate and to provide a medium through which people can exchange ideas and accurate information on the safe and proper usage of drugs. We do NOT appreciate flaming or other attempts to start drama. All questions/concerns will be addressed with an open mind. If you cannot reply to a post without sounding harsh, sarcastic, negative and/or degrading, then do NOT reply. You waste people's time when you post something with no real content or substance.

Quick Overview of All the Forums

Below is a full list of the forums found on the index page with descriptions.

Bluelight Feedback:

Here we provide Announcements regarding the site and for answering technical support questions for all users.

Bluelight Basics:

New members are encouraged to introduce themselves in New Member Introductions. You can also practice posting, test out a new avatar or play with our posting settings in Testing Grounds.

If you aren't sure where your new thread belongs, feel free to post it in the Homeless forum. If you have a question that you would like to ask but would like to remain anonymous, post your question or reply in Anonymous. Be sure to log out of your account, first!

Focus Forums:

These forums cater to harm reduction related questions that are more specific than basic questions.

  • Drug FAQs answer frequently asked questions to basic questions. This forum is not open to new posts.
  • Ecstasy Discussion answers questions about MDMA, MDA, and other closely related drugs. You may also be interested in the forums which are administered separately, but hosted by Bluelight.
  • Cannabis Discussion focuses on intelligent discussion of basic and advanced cannabis related topics.
  • Steroid Discussion is focused on anabolic steroids, hormones and supplements.
  • Psychedelic Drugs is for the discussion of psychedelics and dissociatives, e.g. LSD, mushrooms, ketamine, and various 'research chemicals'.
  • Other Drugs caters to advanced discussion on other drugs such as opiates, benzos, cocaine, and other drugs which do not fit into the other focus forums.

Drug Discussion:

This section of the site is for discussion relating to Drug Studies, the discussion of Drugs in the Media, and Drug Culture.

Also, Basic Drug Discussion questions may be asked, as well as discussion related to Advanced Drug Discussion including journal articles & drug science.

You will also find detailed, first-hand Trip Reports, as well as support, advice, and discussion related to The Dark Side of drug use and other mental heath issues.

Community Forums:

Here you will find an eclectic mix of forums related to non-drug discussion topics.

  • Healthy Living caters to questions regarding living a healthier lifestyle.
  • Current Events & Politics is a place where you can discuss global politics and events.
  • Sex, Love & Relationships covers a variety of topics related to relationships, sex, and other related topics.
  • Philosophy & Spirituality is where you can discuss your latest musings.
  • Education & Careers covers discussion related to education at all levels, as well as career help & discussion.
  • Legal Discussion is where you can get legal advice on a variety of topics. Please keep in mind we are not a professional legal resource, but we do have staff and members that can help answer some basic questions and point you in the right direction.
  • Second Opinion covers serious off-topic discussion related to advice on a variety of topics.
  • Science & Technology focuses on discussion of science, trends in technology, or advice regarding computer support.
  • The Lounge is for light hearted & social discussion with no drug discussion. Post at your own risk!

Arts & Entertainment:

Like music? Discussion on electronic & non-electronic forums have everyone covered. Or if you're more into poetry, literary discussion, or songs, Words has you covered.

Even if you're a film snob or a casual fan, you'll feel right at home in Film & Television. Or if you're a gamer, gambler, or sports enthusiast, stop by Sports & Gaming.

Australia & Asia

Serious and focused regional Drug Discussion, as well as Social & Events discussion related to Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the surrounding areas.

Europe & Africa:

Social & Drug Discussion is combined providing a range of everyday discussion, as well as Events pertaining to the European & African countries.

North & South America:

Forums dedicated to Social and Drug Discussion as well as Events for the North, Central & South American regions.

Bluelight History:

This forum is dedicated to the collection of the Best of Bluelight, the Bluelight Shrine memorial for our users who have passed on, essays regarding Harm Reduction, General Archives for the smaller forums, and the Closed Bluelight Forum from November 1999 - January 2000 when Bluelight was a tiny flicker.

How to Contact Staff Members

You can PM any moderator or senior staff member by clicking on their profile and then sending them a PM. We have also created a complete list of Bluelight staff members. Please contact a forum moderator at first, and contact a senior staff member if you do not receive a satisfactory response from the moderator.

There is also the Contact Us page to send an email to the site administrators, but this should be a last resort. First attempts at resolution of an issue should be with the moderators directly involved, and this email form is for site issues needing admin attention - not for petty squabbles over why a thread was closed or if there is a broken link in a post.

Keeping a Blog at Bluelight

Blogs open to members once they have reached at least 50 posts and become a Bluelighter.

To start a blog, go to the Blog page and click on Your Blog. Your blog will be created. If you decide at any stage that you do not wish to continue keeping the blog, you can lock the blog from viewing (go to the blog options page and de-select all the options e.g. beside 'may view your blog' and 'may leave comments on your blog entry').

As a default, your blog may be viewed by all Bluelight members. You can change this so that only members on your contact list can see it, or so that no-one can comment. If you want a greater deal of security or control over who may see your blog, we suggest using LiveJournal or Facebook or MySpace or some other blog-type software.

So now you have a blog. What do you do with it?

You write!

You can use your blog as a record of your daily happenings, you may use it as a place to rant and vent about people, places or situations both online and real life and you may even use it to post how you're feeling and ask for feedback on something that doesn't fit within any of the forums, but remember: your blog is public!

Don't post in your blog if you're unwilling to have somebody disagree with you, don't post if you are unwilling to receive comments on your words/actions and do not use your blog to carry on petty feuds. The entries in your Bluelight Blog still need to abide by the Bluelight User Agreement. If you feel a blog entry or comment is against the agreement please use the report feature to notify the Blog Moderators. The Blog Moderators can also be reached by the contact form.

How Do I Change my Screen Name (SN), Login Name, User ID, or Email?

When you register, you create your Screen Name (SN), which is also refered to as a Login Name or User ID. At the time that you create this you are deciding what name all the other members will know you as and how they will refer to you. If you later decide you would like to change this name you will need to re-register with a new account.

If you choose to register a new name, you should abandon the earlier login name as per the Bluelight User Agreement (BLUA) which prohibits multiple login names (aka alter-egos). Do not register a second account just to harass another member.

If you want to use the exact same email address for your next account, you will have to edit the profile of the old account. The system is dependent on one email address per SN. Go to "User CP" at the top, then click the tab for "EDIT PROFILE" and change that email address to a less used email address (you might even use a bogus address, since you won't need that account anymore). Then you can use your preferred email address when registering the new account.

If you need to change your email address, just follow the procedure outlined above. The system will send an email to the new account to let you know that it was changed. You will need to open that email in order to re-activate your account following a change of your email address (a security measure to prevent others from stealing your account).

Concerning Legal and Medical Questions

While Bluelight can be a great source of information, everyone should understand that communicating with strangers through a message board is no substitute for professional advice. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to legal or medical issues.

There is a risk that advice given over the internet can be incorrect because of incomplete information. Laws might be very different from where you live compared to the person who is trying to answer your question. With health issues, a doctor would need to make a thorough examination and eliminate other possibilities before making a reliable diagnosis.

Some people use the internet because they are embarrassed about their problem and want to remain anonymous. Remember that in most cases professionals must keep your record confidential and they are trained to treat your situation with dignity. Other people use the internet because of financial limitations. It depends on your location, but there are many free clinics and ways to get subsidized legal assistance. If you do not feel comfortable with one doctor or attorney, please seek the services of another to get a second opinion.

In conclusion, while getting legal or medical advice on the internet is free and fairly anonymous, do not completely rely on Bluelight for these important issues. Bluelight merely facilitates the exchange of opinions and/or experiences of members. While there are helpful people who answer questions as best they can, posters are strongly encouraged to contact a professional prior to following any advice suggested in the forums.

Copyright Issues

This section explains what you can post on Bluelight, and the copyright status of Bluelight itself.

Informaiton on Bluelight can be divided into two categories: material that is part of the site, and material that is posted by users. The first includes the various FAQs, Greenlighters Guide, About This Site, posts in the Annoucenments forum, and similar official material. The second includes anything that is posted by our users - including staff members in their personal capacity as users. This includes all posts in any forum, including those made by Bluelight staff. It includes all journal entries and all photos in the gallery.

Copyright on material in the first category is held by Bluelight. We have licensed this material under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. In plain English, this means that you are free to use or re-use that material in any way that you wish. You may copy it and publish on your own website, or translate it, or anything else you like. There are only two conditions: firstly, you must give attribution to Bluelight as the original author, and link back to the original document. Secondly, you must not create a new work based on our information, and then sell it - you can give it away, but not sell it. If you do wish to sell something based on material you have taken from our site, please contact us, and we will be willing to negotiate.

Copyright in material in the second category is held by the poster. You may not copy or reproduce this material without their permission. Examples: do not copy someone's photo and display it somewhere else. Do not copy someone's poetry from Words without their permission. (Of course, you retain your statutory fair use rights to quote from someone's posts here). Basically, show respect to other Bluelighters. Don't do anything that they don't want you to do.

Leaving Bluelight

For personal reasons I need to cease all contact with the site and never return. How do I leave Bluelight?

Go to Settings (link in the top menu bar) and modify your profile to remove all personal details. While changing your profile, choose "No" to receiving all types of email messages. Review your thread subscriptions and be sure to unsubscribe from everything. That way you will not be contacted again about anything relating to Bluelight. Be sure to log out and remove all Bluelight-related bookmarks from your computer. Congratulations, you are no longer a Bluelighter.

But what about my posts? Can the administrators delete all of my posts for me?

No, we will not delete all of your posts. Everyone is free to manually delete or edit their own posts. It is the user's responsibility to take care of their own business. Do not expect the administrators to solve your problems for you. (In rare circumstances we will delete posts in closed threads, because you are unable to delete them yourself. But only if those posts are potentially incriminating or dangerous for you. And please, ask nicely; we're doing you a favour).

Why won't you delete my account for me?

Again, this is the user's responsibility. No one forced you to register and no one is forcing you to leave.

No, but you don't understand! This is an emergency!

Our experience has shown that most of these requests come in the middle of some, possibly drug-induced, moment of paranoia. If you're worried about what you've posted here, take some time away from the computer. Maybe it will seem like less of a problem the next day.

Warnings and Bans

Warnings Warnings are issued by staff when a member violates the site user agreement (BLUA) or forum specific guidelines (you should be aware of any forum guidelines before posting). Warnings are worth 0 pts. They are typically only given after a first offense to let the member know that what they have done is against the rules.

Infractions Infractions are issued by staff when a more severe offense has taken place, or when warnings have not gotten the message across. Infractions are worth 1 pt and generally expire in 1 year. Infractions can be made to be worth more points, but this is rare and can only be done by sr staff, and only after some discussion has taken place on the matter. Multiple infractions will lead to temporary bans. The length of the ban depends on the number of infractions, and is as follows:

2 points = 1 day
3 points = 3 days
4 points = 7 days
5 points = 2 weeks
6 points = 1 month
7 points = 3 months
8 points = 6 months
9 points = 1 year
10 points = 2 years

As you can see, we give you plenty of opportunity to change your behavior before you start getting in to really long bans.

Temporary Bans These are now done automatically by the system depending on the number of infractions. Creating an alt (a new username) during a temp ban will result in the alt account being banned permanently, and an infraction being added to the original account.

Permanent bans These are intended to kill the account as the behaviour is not acceptable on our site. Senior staff may issue one regardless of the number of warnings, dependent upon the situation (for example, spammers are given no freedom - once identified, they are banned outright).

The idea of permanent bans raises a question - can the member just register a new account and start over? It is possible to start life anew under a different username, but in most cases these persons will not have changed the behaviour that got them banned in the first place and are easily spotted. This new account may survive if they remain unnoticed and non-disruptive, but if we identify them as a previously banned person we will treat them as carrying their past with them. There is no 'reset' of warnings with a fresh count.

For more information on the new system, please visit the following thread: Changes To Our Site Disciplinary System


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