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    Tapering off methadone 
    Hey everyone,

    I've been on m-done for 4 years. It's my 3rd time on m-done maintenance and this time never went above 50mg (thank god!) I tapered from 50-30 last fall and started my taper again almost a month ago. I'm currently at 25mg and have heard mixed stories from people about the best way to taper off of m-done, especially the last 10mg or so. Currently I am tapering slowly at 1mg a week which so far hasn't caused me very much w/d at all aside from trouble sleeping. I would like to know of anyone's personal experience successfully tapering off of m-done or any advice on how best to. The most I am concerned about is the last stretch as I've heard numerous times that that is the hardest part and some even have told me they've used another opiate to taper the last bit. Thanks for any input, I really appreciate it.
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    Hi, welcome to Bluelight (BL). Have you been able to read my thread? If not, take a look here:

    What you will read is the story of me coming off methadone (same 25mg dose/day). The best way to stop depends a lot on you and how much withdrawals you can tolerate vs your patience in how long it takes to get off it. I started tapering, but I decided to just get it all over with and went to zero fairly fast. I wrote about what I was going through pretty much every day.

    Tapering 1mg a week makes a lot of sense if you can stick to it. Let me ask you though - when there are times you don't feel that good, and you know a little more will make that go away, will you have enough willpower to stick to it; to keep cutting back? Only you can answer that.

    One thing that helped me a lot was those people in this forum that took the time to read my thread, to check in on me and to encourage me. I will be one of those persons following and encouraging you. I want to help. I believe in your ability to change your future into whatever you dream of, and I hope you do too.

    While you come off this drug, do your very best to keep your health up by eating healthy and drink plenty of water. Watch for depression as it can creep in and make you feel like giving up. I listened to a lot of my favorite music when I felt down. I did anything I could think of to distract myself from the withdrawals, but I also accepted that I just had to go through it. I also made a list of things I wanted to get done and I used some of the sleepless nights I had to work on that list.

    I used to take Trazodone to help me sleep (in the past) and that worked really well for me. It's not addicting, but I did build up a tolerance to it after a few months. It's prescription only though, so you would have to ask your doctor for it.

    Monitor your blood pressure while you come off methadone as it can creep up. Mine got pretty high for a while after I went to zero. That's not something to ignore.

    "It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop going forward."
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    Hello and welcome AAGG!

    My friend Dale (SoCal424) is a great resource for you in regards to tapering and quitting methadone, as well as a very supportive and kind person, I am glad he came along to answer you.

    I will be here to support you and cheer you on, you can do this. Come on here and post and ask questions when you have them. We will all be here for you.

    Happy and proud of you that you're taking this step. You can do this!!
    you friend,
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    The new line of thinking is too slowly taper down to 1mg then switch to Suboxone and slowly taper off of it. I haven't seen any consensus on what the initial dose of Suboxone should be though 8mg a day is probably a safe bet. I jumped off Methodone at 50mg and that was a huge mistake but the 16mg a day of Suboxone I got a few days after that fiasco held me fine. With that in mind I think 8mg a few days after your last 1mg dose would be a good starting point. From there you can taper off the Suboxone as quick as you can handle. Even doing that you know it's going to suck. Your going to want a good stockpile of comfort meds.
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    Thank for the kind words, support and advice. That is a great resource and it does give me encouragement to talk to people who have had similar experiences. I have heard of switching to subs but I've gone into precip w/d from 72hrs after my last m-done does (stupid, I know!) so I am very leary switching to subs from m-done tbh. I do plan on having some support meds towards the end though I want to avoid opiates entirely if at all possible. I'm going to try to get down to 20mg and see if I still am having the same subtle w/ds and probably will just continue on at that pace. I will update. Thanks for the responses.
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    Good for you AAGG!!

    Steady as she goes. Just stay the course, which you're already doing!!! You have a really great attitude and I know you can do this!!!

    I think you are making a great tapering plan too!! Whatever works for you honestly.

    Here for you if you ever need anything or just need to chat or vent.

    your friend,
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